If the experience provided by their 1st Party Exclusives is

I’ll show youMicky first idea for this episode SETTING: Cartwright Mansion’s gardenMicky: It worked great in Cyrano de BergeracAre you sure about this?Peter: Yeah, but what if I freeze up?Don worry, Peter, they thaw you outMicky: Shhh. Don’t worry. Just keep your lips moving and we’ll do the restSounds easy enough(The upstairs balcony door opens)Micky: Here she comes, now call her(Valerie steps out onto the balcony)Peter: (hesitating) Miss Cartwright?(Micky, Davy and Nesmith hide behind some bushes)(Peter moves his lips up and down while the others speak for him)Micky: I love you, my dear, more than I can tell youSinging a line from the rock group Alias song MORE THAN WORDS need you now more that words I need you now.

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